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John G. Tzimorangas
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Hingham Light sets Electric Demand Record

Hingham- The Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant has been experiencing load growth. The Derby Street Shoppes, Black Rock Residential Community and the Lyndon Pond Community are examples of the added need for electricity. The electric system in Hingham has set all-time record peaks, three times over the past six weeks. On June 13th, the system reached 41.3 Megawatts (MW), on July 19th, the system reached a peak in electricity usage recording 44.3 MW and then this past week on July 27th, the HMLP system reached a new all-time record of 45.1 MW. These record peaks all broke the previous record peak load of 37.5 MW set back on August, 14, 2002. The New England region as a whole, also peaked in electricity usage on July 27, setting an all-time record of 26,942 MW, which broke the previous record of 26,749 MW set on August 14, 2002.

“We are starting to see the impact of the building and expansion in the Town. The extremely humid weather is also adding to electricity usage and driving the demand to record levels”, said John G. Tzimorangas, General Manager of the Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant. The Light Plant reported no heat related outages on July 27th, but a tree falling on Leavitt Street taking down wires did cause an outage to the customers on Leavitt Street around 4:52 PM. The power was resorted to those customers by 7:00 PM.

The record electrical usage is also coming at a time when energy prices are also at record highs. The price of fuel to operate the generating plants has increased 15% and that is being reflected in the electric bills. “The fuel costs are causing the price of energy to increase at the same time as we are experiencing record levels of usage. This will impact customers similar to the prices we have seen at the gas pumps”, said Tzimorangas. The Light Plant has fixed rate contracts in place, but also purchases energy from the energy market during these peak load days.

HMLP serves 10,000 residential and commercial electric customers in the Town of Hingham. HMLP continues to provide low cost, safe, reliable electricity to the residents of Hingham with a high level of service and customer satisfaction.

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