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Board Members
Kevin J. Bulman, Chairman
John A. Stoddard, Jr., Secretary
Walter A. Foskett, Commissioner

John G. Tzimorangas
General Manager
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School Buildings getting Energy Audit

Hingham- The Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant has hired Source One, Inc. of Boston to perform comprehensive energy audits of the Town of Hingham buildings, starting with the School buildings. In a letter to the Light Board Commissioners and Board of Selectman, General Manager John G. Tzimorangas stated that the goal of the program would be to identify the possible areas to help reduce the energy operating costs of the Town’s buildings. The audit will review the energy consumption profile of each building, evaluate existing cooling, heating and lighting infrastructure’s energy efficiency and develop preliminary budget estimates, payback analysis and funding sources for the upgrades.

“We’re very appreciative of the Light Department’s initiative and effort on our behalf. We look forward to receiving the results of the audit and we’re confident that the report will provide us with information that will increase the efficiency of our energy dollars. As a long time resident of the town, I am always proud of the level of cooperation that exists in Hingham among the various town departments. This is truly a unique place and we all benefit from such a collaborative spirit”, said Dr. Dorothy Galo, Superintendent of the Hingham School System. The school building audit began in early April and is expected to take a month to complete with the results presented to the Light Board and School department in late May. Kevin J. Bulman, Light Board Chairman remarks, “This is the first phase of an energy program that is intended to help reduce the energy costs in our schools and eventually all Town owned buildings. The Light Plant cares about the Town of Hingham and this energy conservation service is one way we can work cooperatively for the benefit of all.”

The increased costs in oil and natural gas have made this program an important one for the Light Plant and the Town to explore ways to reducing the costs associated with running our municipal buildings. “For a number of years, we all benefited from relatively stable oil prices. Now with spiraling oil prices, a disproportionate share of the school budget increase is required to heat the schools and fuel the buses. We look forward to receiving the results of the HMLP energy audits of the school buildings and hope to be able to further develop energy conservation measures,” said David Killory, Business Manager for the Hingham School System of the energy audit program.

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