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This rate is applicable to the entire service requirement for electricity at a single metering location of any customer subject to the provisions of this section. A customer will be served under this rate if the customer’s average monthly usage exceeds 10,000 kWh, but average monthly billing demand does not exceed 500 kW. A customer may be transferred from this rate if the customer’s 12-month average monthly usage for 3 consecutive months is (a) less than 8,000 kWh/month, or (b) greater than 500 kW of demand.

Customer Charge $25.00 per month
Demand Charge $9.00 per kW
Energy Charge $0.1220 per kWh

The minimum bill is $709.00 per month.

The Customer shall provide a security deposit in such amount and form as determined by the HMLP Manager in his or her discretion.

A discount of 10 percent will be applied to bills paid on or before the 15th of the month following the billing date, providing all previous bills have been paid. No discount shall reduce a bill below the $638.10 monthly minimum. The Power Cost Adjustment will not be discounted.

The billing demand for each month under ordinary load conditions will be the greatest 15 minute peak occurring during such month as measured in kilowatts.

The amount determined under the preceding provisions will be adjusted in accordance with the HMLP's Power Cost Adjustment.

This rate shall apply only to service where metering is installed on the primary side of the transformer(s) supplying the Customer. Secondary metering will be subject to the addition of transformer energy losses or to 2% of the metered kWh.

If the Customer owns and maintains the transformer(s) and associated equipment (other than metering), a monthly credit of $0.10 per kW of billing demand will be made.

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