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Your electric bill is calculated in kilowatt-hours or the number of kilowatts of power times hours of use in the monthly billing period. By reading your electric meter on a monthly basis, and subtracting the previous months reading, you can determine the number of Kilowatts that you consume in one monthly.

Your meter might be either digital or analog. A digital meter actually displays the numbers just like a calculator across the front of the meter face. An Analog meter looks more like the configuration shown below.


Notice that some of the dial hands on the meter above turn "clockwise" and some turn "counter-clockwise." Look at the first dial, it is turning "clockwise," and the hand is between the "7" and the "8." Record the number that the hand just passed - (in this case "7").

The second dial is turning "counter-clockwise" and is just past the "3", so that is the next number to write down and so on.

Look at the dial to the right of the dial being "read." If the hand on the right has moved past "zero," write down the number the hand on the left is pointing to-(using the same dials it would be the "7").

If the hand on the right is not past "zero," then write down the next lowest number on the dial being "read." In this illustration, the meter reads "73256" at this time.
Now take the meter reading from last month and subtract the meter reading from this month. The result is the total amount of kilowatt-hours that you used in one month. This figure fluctuates as a function of the time of year with regard to the weather, the quantity and types of appliances within your home, the energy efficiency of appliances within your home and the level of energy conservation within a residence.

Previous Meter Reading: kwh  
Current Meter Reading: kwh  
Electric bill for one month*:  $    
PCA Charge:  $    

* The Rate Calculator is a means to calculate charges based on monthly usage.

The only other two factors that effect your bill is the PCA - Power Cost Adjustment and the Prompt Payment Discount. The Power Cost Adjustment adjusts for any fluctuations in fuel costs. Currently, the PCA for Residential customers is $0.025. The Prompt Payment Discount is a 10% discount to your calculated bill if payment is received by the 15th of the month for which you received your bill.

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