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Residential customers will receive a credit equal to the number of kilowatt-hours billed during the period, up to a maximum of 400 kWh, multiplied by the NYPA Hydropower Credit Rate determined as follows:

(MP – (NC/NK) * NK


  • NYPA is the NYPA Hydropower Credit Rate for the period;
  • MP is the market price for power for the period at the time of calculation;
  • NC is the forecast total cost of hydropower from the New York Power
    Authority for the period;
  • NK is the forecast total kilowatt-hours of power purchased from the
    New York Power Authority for the period;
  • RK is the estimated number of residential kilowatt-hours to which the
    NYPA Hydropower Credit will be applied for the period.

This calculation will normally be made on a quarterly basis and a single NYPA Hydropower Credit billed for the entire quarter, although HMLP may change the NYPA Hydropower Credit more frequently if such a change is required.

Adjustments shall be made to reflect differences between estimated and actual hydropower costs and residential kWh sold in the prior period in order to recover or credit any under collection or over collection of hydropower savings.

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