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The Net Metering Policy

  Explanation Letter - The Explanation letter
a letter explaining a HMLP solar bill and how we calculate what you receive for your "excess electricity".
  Net metering 1 line diagram - Download the net metering 1 line diagram

Application Forms

  HMLP simple application if your generating facility is 10kW or less for 1- Phase or up to 25 kW 3-Phase - Download application form
  HMLP expedited/standard process interconnection application instructions - Download application form

Solar Rebate

  HMLP will offer a rebate in the form of a check (effective January 1, 2021) to customers who install and own a photovoltaic system at their homes in Hingham. The amount of the rebate check will vary according to the design capacity of the photovoltaic system. There is a cap of $6000 per account. The HMLP will rebate $0.60/W x the rated output of the system or $6000, whichever is less. For example, an HMLP customer who installs a photovoltaic system at their home in Hingham and whose system has a rated output of 2.5kW, will receive a rebate check of $1500. If that same customer installed a system with a rated output of 5kW, they would receive a rebate check of $3000. In addition to the HMLP Rebate, the DOER will also rebate the customer $0.60/W up to 10kW or $6000 in the form of a check as long as DOER funds are available and the system meets their design criteria.
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