Enter HMLP’s Annual DrivE & SaVe Raffle to Win $88!


Dear Customers,

HMLP’s annual DrivE & SaVe raffle is open and customers have the opportunity to win $88 this season. Why $88? Because that’s how much money you could save every two weeks on fuel costs alone when driving electric! The DrivE & SaVe Wizard is a free, online tool sponsored by HMLP and Hingham Drives Electric that can help customers determine what the right electric vehicle (EV) for them may be. Based on factors such as daily commute, budget, and vehicle preferences, the DrivE & SaVe Wizard can help calculate how much a customer could save by switching to an EV. Try out the DrivE & SaVe Wizard and complete the brief form at the end of your savings estimate to be entered for a chance to win.

HMLP recognizes that switching to an electric vehicle can increase performance, reliability, convenience, and cost savings for Hingham drivers. That is why HMLP offers several incentives to help everyone in Hingham choose electric transportation options. When a customer owns an electric vehicle in Hingham, they are eligible to sign-up for HMLP’s off-peak charging program that rewards participants with a $5 or $10 monthly credit on their electric bill. To participate, a customer simply has to charge their electric vehicle in the evenings- that’s it! HMLP will also provide a $300 rebate for level-2, WIFI enabled EV charging equipment. For questions about getting signed up to the program, customers can reach out to Hingham Drives Electric by emailing ev@ene.org, calling 1-822-443-8363, or filling out a contact form.

HMLP is also building out Hingham’s public charging network so that drivers can feel comfortable knowing that they will always have an option to charge in Town. The first EV charging stations were recently completed at Carlson Field, the South Shore Country Club, and the Station St. parking lot. Check out the sites and let us know where in Hingham you would like to see more charging stations. Together, we can electrify transportation in Hingham to produce better air-quality, an investment in our economy, energy security, and less emissions. For additional questions about HMLP’s sustainability efforts or EV charging, please reach out to HMLP’s Sustainability Coordinator, Brianna Bennett, at bbennett@hmlp.com. I look forward to sharing more updates about our evolving electrification programs and opportunities for customers in the future.


Tom Morahan