Payment Policies

Security Deposit

The HMLP requires all Customers who are renters, to pay a security deposit which is equal to 3X the highest bill of the prior 12-month timeframe. Interest at the current State Statute (M.G.L. ch. 164, Section 58A) prescribed rate will be paid on such deposit. The deposit is kept until service is terminated and at that time the final bill will be deducted from the deposit and you will be billed/refunded for the remainder.

Collection Policy

A. Bills Due When Rendered: All bills of the HMLP are due when rendered and are payable at the office of the HMLP.

B. Rendition and Payment: The rates specified in the various Rate Classifications are stated monthly. All bills will be monthly and shall be deemed rendered, and other notices duly given when delivered by:

  • Depositing in a U.S. Postal Service Office or in a box provided for that purpose by the U.S. Postal Service, addressed to the Customer at premises where service is taken, or another address designated by the Customer.
  • By leaving the same at the building where service is taken or at another address designated by the Customer.
  • By delivery to the Customer personally.

Failure to receive such bill from the HMLP will not entitle the Customer to any delay in the settlement of each month’s account nor to any extension of the discount date after which the gross amount must be paid, no discount allowed. Payment by mail properly stamped, addressed, and received in the HMLP office on or before the discount date shown on the bill will be deemed to be payment prior to this date.

C. Discount: A discount of 10 percent will be applied to bills paid on or before the fifteenth of the month following the billing date, provided all previous bills have been paid. Fuel adjustments will not be discounted. U.S. Post Office delays will not entitle the Customer to any extension. If the 15th falls on a weekend or a holiday, the Customer has until the end of the next business day to receive the discount.

D. New Customers: Customers will not be billed for electric usage of less than 5 days. It will be carried forward to the next billing date.

E. Returned Checks: Checks will be returned to a customer for: insufficient funds, closed account, stop payment, etc.  You will be charged a $15.00 returned check service fee.  A cash payment, certified check or money order is due in the office to cover the amount of the returned check. You may also pay with a credit card over the phone by calling 781-749-0134.

F. Billing Period: The normal monthly billing period will be not more than five days longer or shorter than the regular monthly period; otherwise, the stated monthly rate under the applicable Rate Classification shall apply pro rata.