We are Community Powered

Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant is one of over 2,000 public power systems in the country, offering important benefits not enjoyed by customers of private, investor-owned utilities.

Local Control

Citizens of Hingham have control over how their utility is run by electing a three member Light Board to set company policy.

Local Service

If you need service, you can call or visit us right here in Hingham. Our employees and equipment are also nearby, so we can handle emergencies quickly and efficiently. You pay for only the services you receive, not stockholder dividends.


Since we are owned by the people we serve, our utility has one focus – to provide reliable, low-cost electric service to our customers. Private utilities must balance their service with the need to deliver profits to stockholders.

Community Commitment

The Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant is proud to be part of the community we serve, which is why we are active in local programs and services.