Energy Star Appliances

To apply for a rebate, you must provide a paid sales receipt within the current calendar year OR three (3) months from the date of purchase, the Energy Star certificate, and proof of disposal for refrigerators (if applicable). 

The Advantages to Buying EnergyStar

  • Potential savings in energy costs of 15 – 50%
  • Reduction of energy consumption and need for additional generation
  • Decrease in pollution from fossil fuels used to generate electricity

Eligible Appliances 

Only selected ENERGY STAR appliances are eligible for rebates. Appliances that may qualify will have the ENERGY STAR logo in the bottom-right corner of the appliance’s yellow EnergyGuide label. Rebates are paid out at 50% of the total item’s cost up to a maximum annual amount as listed below.  

ItemIncentiveRebate Limits
WIFI-enabled heat pump/solar hot water heater$500Lifetime max. $500
Heat pump dryer$300Lifetime max. $300
Induction stove$300Lifetime max. $300
WIFI-enabled smart thermostat$100Annual max. $200
Programmable thermostat$50
Central AC (SEER efficiency rating 16.5+)$50
Air purifier $40
Dehumidifier $25
Clothes washer $25
Refrigerator (with proof of removal)$25

For heating and cooling rebates, please see our heat pump program.

Apply for a Rebate

Complete the ENTIRE form and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the screen. If you successfully complete the application, you will receive a confirmation email back within an hour. If you do not receive an email confirmation or require technical assistance, please call our office at 781-749-0134 or email HMLP will respond to your rebate submission within ten (10) business days. Approved rebates equal to or less than $500 will be issued as a credit on the electric account and rebates greater than $500 will be issued a refund check.

Appliance Application

Rebate Guidelines

HMLP provides many rebates for efficient electric appliances at up to 50% of the item cost. There is an annual limit of $200 per account with the exception of the following:

  • WIFI heat pump/solar water heater ($500 lifetime max.) 
  • Heat pump dryer ($300 lifetime max.) 
  • Induction stove ($300 lifetime max.) 

Note: Customers with natural gas for hot water heating must use the Mass Save rebate program for water heating rebates.

Required Forms: Paid Sales Receipt, EnergyStar Certification, and proof of removal of old refrigerator (if applicable). 

Disclaimer: Rebate applications must be submitted within the same calendar year as the purchase or three (3) months from the date of purchase. Rebates are subject to funding availability and may be changed or discontinued at any time.

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