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Any Customer whose premises may be served from suitable existing distribution lines of the HMLP without the installation of an intermediate pole can obtain electric service by completing the Start Service form below.

If you are moving within Hingham, the balance on existing account must be paid in full before service will be established in a new location.

All renters in town are required to pay a security deposit before starting service. Once your application is received, we will respond with an email listing the amount of the deposit and how payment can be made.

If you are having trouble completing the form online, please call our office at 781-749-0134 and we will assist you.

Service Date

Customer Information

HMLP requires all Customers who are renters to pay a security deposit equal to 3X the highest bill of the prior 12-month timeframe. Once we receive your application, we will respond with an email stating the amount of your security deposit. The deposit must be received before service can be started in your name.
Interest at the current State Statute (M.G.L. ch. 164, Section 58A) prescribed rate will be paid on such deposit. The deposit is kept until service is terminated and at that time the final bill will be deducted from the deposit and you will be billed/refunded for the remainder.

Would you like us to contact you about our AutoPay program once your first statement is generated?
Please select 'yes' if you would like to be considered for HMLP's income-adjusted rate, which provides a discount on certain parts of the electric bill to qualifying residents. To qualify, you must be a residential customer participating in a means-tested benefits program. Please review all of the program requirements at If you do not participate in a means-tested benefits program, but are interested in payment assistance, please call HMLP at 781-749-0134 to learn about other available options.
Select at least one program below and upload the supporting documentation to be considered for the IA rate.
Please submit sufficient proof-of-participation in one of the above means-tested benefits programs to qualify for the IA rate.

New Service Location

Current Address

Billing Address

Only Fill Section Below for:

  1. New construction
  2. Upgrade Service
  3. Major increase in electrical consumption, i.e. install central air

Promise to Pay

The above hereby applies for electric service and agrees to pay promptly all bills rendered for electric service furnished hereunder until at least three days notice is given to the Light Plant to discontinue such service, and further agrees to be bound by the Light Plant's terms and conditions so called, as they exist from time to time. It is agreed that the Light Plant shall have the right to discontinue service hereunder, per DPU regulation 220 CMR if the customer shall fail to pay promptly all bills rendered for any service, labor or material furnished by this Light Plant to the Customer.
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