Shred the Peak

When a peak in electricity demand is expected, we need YOUR help to reduce energy consumption. By reducing energy usage, you can help HMLP reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Tips for reducing usage are to turn up your air conditioning thermostat a few degrees and turn off large, unnecessary appliances like car chargers, dehumidifiers, pool filters, clothes dryers, and ovens. 

What are Peaks?

A peak is when the largest amount of electricity is used in a specific area and time, causing increased demand on the electrical grid.

Electricity costs more to produce and buy during these hours, affecting power supply costs and customer rates. The power supply during these periods of high demand is typically more inefficient and carbon-intensive. 

HMLP has peaks that occur once a month and once per year. These peaks are most often between 3 PM and 8 PM. 

You Can Help HMLP Shred the Peak!

Reduce your energy consumption when a peak is predicted to occur in order to reduce power supply costs and help keep rates low.

What are Peak Savings?

HMLP has to pay capacity and transmission costs based on the size of its annual peak. If we work together to shred the peak, HMLP could save ~$213,970 per year for each MW reduced.

We can all shred the peak by following simple energy saving tips or investing in efficient technologies. This may include installing energy assets that can discharge during peaks (i.e., solar with batteries), making our homes as efficient as possible with weatherization, or installing HVAC controls like thermostats

What is HMLP doing to Shred the Peak? 

HMLP has a 2-MW battery system at its office building that was designed for peak-shaving. When a peak alert is issued, the battery is discharged into our system to generate savings. This is a 3-hour battery that was commission in 2021. 

COMING SOON: Demand Response Program 

Coming Soon: HMLP will offer a rebate to customers who enroll select WIFI-enabled devices to participate in demand response. The development of this program is underway and will be available to customers later in 2024. Click here to view HMLP’s Demand Management and Electrification Policy, established on June 1, 2022, outlines the critical need for HMLP to take an active role in smoothing the demand curve and transitioning Hingham off of fossil fuels.  

 HMLP recognizes that it has a responsibility to the ratepayers of Hingham to prepare for future demand events and maintain affordable rates. Please check back here to see if there are any program updates and how customers may be able to join HMLP in its mission to safely and reliably meet Hingham’s needs.