Hingham Drives Electric: Incentives, Buying Guide, and Assistance 

By going to HinghamDrivesElectric.org, residents can learn about EV incentives, use the Buying Guide, request help for installing charging equipment, and more! Please contact ev@ene.org with any questions or if you are seeking 1:1 assistance. 

HMLP offers incentives for off-peak EV charging and WIFI-enabled charging equipment to encourage efficient behaviors that can benefit the entire ratepayer base. “Off-Peak” hours are when demand for electricity is at its lowest, such as the evenings. 

Monthly Off-Peak Charging Credit 

HMLP’s EV Rewards Program is open to Hingham residents. Simply set your EV to charge during off-peak hours in the evenings, between 10 PM – 12 PM on weekdays, and submit an application for up to two (2) credits per account. You then earn either a $5 (for Level 1 charging) or a $10 (for Level 2 charging) monthly credit on your HMLP electric bill. HMLP will request updated registrations when they are due to expire.

High-Speed Charger Installation Rebate

HMLP offers one $300 rebate per account to help offset the cost of installing some or all components of a Wi-Fi capable level-2 system for higher speed charging of an EV. You must first enroll in HMLP’s EV rewards program described above, then purchase & install a qualified EV charger, and submit an application

Commercial Rebate Program

Commercial customers in Hingham can get up to $6,000 per account lifetime for a dual port charging station, up to $3,000 each for installation and equipment, or up to $1,500 each per port. Eligibility restrictions and guidelines apply. If interested, reach out to Hingham Drives Electric to learn more.

Why is it important to charge off-peak?

Off-peak hours occur when demand for electricity is at its lowest. On-Peak hours tend to begin when commuters get home from work, turn on household items, cook, do laundry, and may also plug in their electric vehicles. When you choose to charge off-peak, you are helping us manage electricity demand and not overload the system. 

Apply for a Rebate

Complete the ENTIRE form and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the screen. If you successfully complete the application, you will receive a confirmation email back within an hour. If you do not receive an email confirmation or require technical assistance, please call our office at 781-749-0134 or email rebates@hmlp.com. HMLP will respond to your rebate submission within ten (10) business days. Approved rebates equal to or less than $500 will be issued as a credit on the electric account and rebates greater than $500 will be issued a refund check.

EV Charger Application

Rebate Guidelines

HMLP provides multiple incentives for efficient electric vehicle (EV) charging. Customers must first enroll in HMLP’s off-peak scheduled charging program to receive a monthly bill credit of $5 (level-1 charger) or $10 (level-2 charger). Once enrolled, customers may also apply for up to a $300 rebate for a level-2 WIFI-enabled charger. This program is limited to one $300 rebate per account and up to two EV credits (up to two vehicles) per account.

Off-Peak Charging Times: To enroll in the off-peak program, you must set your charger and/or vehicle to charge between 10 PM and 12 PM on weekdays.

Required Forms for Off-Peak Credit: Valid vehicle registration and a photo of the charging time set to 10 PM -12 PM on weekdays.

Required Forms for EV Charger Rebate: Valid vehicle registration, paid charger receipt, and the paid installer invoice (if applicable). Estimates and quotes are not acceptable. 

Annual Off-Peak Credit Renewal: Vehicle registrations will be collected from each participant in the EV credit program. HMLP will request updated vehicle registrations 30 days prior to the expiration date stated on the registration. HMLP reserves the right to remove the EV credit from a participants account if said participant does not provide a valid vehicle registration in the requested timeframe.

EV PossessionIf you are no longer in possession of the EV vehicle for which you are receiving an EV credit, you are obligated to contact HMLP immediately to have the credit removed from your account. Customers who do not notify HMLP that their vehicle is no longer in their possession (i.e., sold, traded-in, or donated) will be charged back for any untitled EV credits.

Disclaimer: Rebate applications must be submitted within the same calendar year as the purchase or three (3) months from the date of purchase. Rebates are subject to funding availability and may be changed or discontinued at any time.

Customer Information (Account Owner)

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Program Information

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Required Forms

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