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The General Manager of the Light Plant oversees all HMLP operations and performs administrative duties such as monitoring the performance of each of the operating divisions, providing leadership, and supporting and implementing policy throughout the company.

The Assistant General Manager assists the General Manager in the supervision, direction, operation and management of all divisions of the Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant.

Thomas Morahan

General Manager

Mark Fahey

Assistant General Manager


The Business division of the Light Plant is responsible for daily office communications, administration and accounting. The division is also responsible for overall financial management of the utility and oversees everything from strategic financial planning to continuous internal auditing of all funds and much more.

Joan Griffin, CPA

Business Manager


The activities of the Engineering division include providing design, construction, administrative and technical services for the operation, construction and maintenance of the electrical transmission and distribution system, formulates plans to improve and expand existing electrical utility facilities, maintain and update accurate maps and database information of the overall utility system; and coordinate new service utility availability.

Stephen Girardi

Engineering Manager


The activities of the Operations division at the Light Plant are centered around safety, system management, outage prevention, and outage response. The Operations division conducts transmission and distribution switching activities in a safe and timely manner to mitigate and/or prevent power outages. Regular operations also includes the coordination of maintenance, upgrades, and repair work to improve overall system performance.

Mike Menten

Line Division Manager

Jeffery Jones

Line Division Supervisor

Customer Service

The Customer Service division is responsible for the accurate reporting of meter readings, posting of payments, and creation of utility bills. Also, the division is organized to provide timely and accurate processing of customer requests for service. HMLP’s Customer Service division is designed to serve the rate payers while providing prompt and courteous responses to incoming customer requests.

Ellen McElroy

Customer Service Supervisor


The Purchasing Manager is responsible for all procurement throughout HMLP including purchase orders, accounts payable, bidding procedures and other procurement services. The Purchasing Manager must also ensure that all procurement procedures are in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws. Purchasing works with supplies to ensure that all quotes, orders, and receipts are accurate and received in a timely manner.

Christopher Kourafas

Purchasing Manager

Information Technology

The Information Technology Manager oversees the development of cost-effective systems and the implementation of efficient computer operations that meet current and future decision-making requirements. The I.T. division’s responsibilities support the day-to-day operations of HMLP. 

Samir Alrifai

I.T. Manager


The Sustainability Coordinator is responsible for developing policies that minimize HMLP’s environmental-related risk and liability, overseeing compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental regulations, and implementing programs that promote efficiency and electrification for the customers of HMLP.

Brianna Bennett

Sustainability Coordinator

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