Private Outdoor Lighting Rate

Private outdoor lights are available for rental to Customers under the following rates on existing poles. If additional poles have to be set, they will be at the expense of the Customers, as detailed under the Plant’s Rules and Regulations.


The following charges are applicable to the monthly kWh usage of the lighting fixture installed for a customer. The monthly kWh usage for each type of fixture is calculated by HMLP based on the annual lighting output divided by 12.

Capacity, Transmission & Distribution Charge:

Energy Charge

The Energy Charge is based on HMLP’s average monthly cost of energy and may be increased or decreased and may be adjusted in accordance with HMLP’s Standard Energy Charge.

Fixture Charge

The monthly Fixture Charge is based on the cost of the maintenance and cost of the Fixture. This charge is applicable to the new LED lights as follows:

Overhead Roadway Light Rental:Flood Light Rentals:
38W LED$2.5550W LED$4.90
73W LED$2.9080W LED$6.55
101W LED$3.10120W LED$7.15