Step-by-Step Process

Your home or business is likely not as energy efficient as it can be, resulting in higher electricity and cooling costs. Weatherization rebates target tight building envelopes that will minimize heat loss, leaks, and drafts while maximizing energy efficiency and comfort. After weatherization, it can be more economic to pursue electrification technologies such as heat pumps. For guidance on how to complete a successful project, follow our step-by-step process laid out below. If you have any questions or want additional assistance getting started, contact us at or call 781-749-0134.

1) Determine whether you are eligible for the HMLP or Mass Save Program

Program eligibility is based on the primary type of heating fuel used in your home or business.

Oil, Electric, Propane, or Pellet/Wood Stove

HMLP is offering 50% of the total project cost up to $1,000 for eligible  insulation and air-sealing measures determined by an ENE energy assessment with a payback of less than 10 years.

Insulation: Attic, wall, basement, floor, crawlspace & rim joist 

Air sealing: Weather stripping, caulking, & interior storm windows

Notes: If a project is self-completed, save all receipts for materials associated with the installation. A dollar value for self-labor is not rebate eligible. New construction is not rebate eligible, including additions on existing homes. 

Natural Gas (Primary Heating Fuel)

Mass Save is offering 75% to 100% off insulation, plus no-cost air-sealing of leaks in drafty areas of the home. There may be additional qualified incentives available through the Mass Save program, such as $75 rebates for each triple-pane EnergyStar window. 

0% Interest HEAT Loan: Additional incentives are available, including 0% financing up to $50,000 through the HEAT loan program. 

Note: HMLP is not affiliated with the Mass Save program and customers should verify any and all information with a Mass Save representative. 

Visit Mass Save’s website for more information.

2) Schedule a No-Cost Energy Assessment

A completed energy assessment within the last three (3) years is required to be eligible for weatherization rebates. HMLP uses Energy New England’s (ENE) assessment services to provide customers with expert advice on energy efficiency improvements. ENE’s highly trained and experienced Energy Advisors can assess your building’s energy efficiency to identify opportunities that can save money on utility bills. Sign up here for an HMLP energy assessment. Please contact (for residential customers), (for commercial customers), or call 888-772-4242 for assistance. 

Note: If natural gas is your primary heating fuel, sign up for a Mass Save energy assessment.

3) Find a Contractor or DIY Resources 

HMLP does not manage or maintain a contractor list for weatherization. However, customers can utilize Mass Save’s contractor list at their own discretion. Not all contractors on Mass Save’s list will necessarily work outside of Mass Save’s program. Also, using a contractor on this list is not required for rebate eligibility. Work completed by any contractor is eligible for an HMLP rebate so long as the project itself is qualified on the energy assessment and meets all of HMLP’s other eligibility requirements. Customers can also use the EnergyStar DIY Guide to Sealing and Insulating if interested in self-completing a project.

4) Submit HMLP’s Rebate Application  

Either the customer or the contractor may submit HMLP’s weatherization rebate application below. Applications must be submitted within the same calendar year as the purchase or within three (3) months from the date of purchase. For assistance, please contact HMLP at or call 781-749-0134. 

Apply for a Rebate

Complete the ENTIRE form and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the screen. If you successfully complete the application, you will receive a confirmation email back within an hour. If you do not receive an email confirmation or require technical assistance, please call our office at 781-749-0134 or email HMLP will respond to your rebate submission within ten (10) business days. Approved rebates equal to or less than $500 will be issued as a credit on the electric account and rebates greater than $500 will be issued a refund check.

Weatherization Application

Rebate Guidelines

HMLP provides a rebate of 50% of the total project cost up to $1,000 for eligible weatherization installations that are qualified on the energy assessment. The lifetime limit for weatherization rebates is $4,000 per account. Customers with natural gas as their primary heating fuel must use the Mass Save rebate program instead of HMLP’s.

Eligible Weatherization: These items must be qualified on the energy assessment. Eligible projects include insulation (attic, basement, floor, wall, crawlspace, and rim joints) and air-sealing (weather stripping, caulking, and interior storm windows).

Energy Assessment: You must have a completed no-cost energy assessment from within the last three (3) years OR a pending scheduled assessment (schedule here). HMLP will not issue a rebate until proof that the assessment has been completed is submitted to

Required Forms: A completed energy assessment OR confirmation of a scheduled assessment and paid installer invoice or paid material receipts for self-completed projects. Estimates and quotes are not acceptable.

Eligibility: If a project is self-completed, save all receipts for materials associated with the installation. A dollar value for self-labor is not rebate eligible. New construction is not rebate eligible, including additions on existing homes.

Disclaimer: Rebate applications must be submitted within the same calendar year as the purchase or three (3) months from the date of purchase. Rebates are subject to funding availability and may be changed or discontinued at any time.

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