Electric Bill

Electric Bill
Customer Name & Address Billing Date Account Number Service Address Billing Period History Meter Number Previous Read Present Read Read Dates Days Multiplier Kilowatt-hours Demand Previous Balance Payments Received Adjustment or Prompt Payment Discount Balance Forward Customer Charge Capacity, Distribution and Transmission Energy Charge PASNY Power Cost Adjustment Total Current Charges Prompt Payment Discount Total Amount Due if Payment Received by Due Date Total Amount Due if Payment Received After Due Date Our Return Address Account Number Billing Date Total Current Charges Discounted Amount Due Amount Enclosed

Customer Name & Address

Customer name and mailing address.

Billing Date

The day the bill was issued.

Account Number

Number used to identify this account.

Service Address

The location where electric service is provided.

Billing Period

The time period covered by this bill.


A 12-month history of this account, showing Kilowatt-Hours and demand.

Meter Number

The number used to identify the meter.

Previous Read

Prior meter read.

Present Read

Current meter read.

Read Dates

Period of the read days, prior – current.


The number of days covered by this bill.


What the consumption is multiplied by to obtain an accurate read.


The number of Kilowatt-hours used during this billing period, obtained by subtracting the previous read from the present read.


For the customers using a rate that requires a demand meter, this figure is the kilowatt reading from that meter.

Previous Balance

Prior balance from last bill.

Payments Received

Total payments received as of the current billing date.

Adjustment or Prompt Payment Discount

An increase or decrease to the amount due.

Balance Forward

Total of previous balance remaining net of payments and adjustments.

Customer Charge

This is a fixed charge for every rate payer to help with the distribution costs of providing electricity. This charge also covers the costs incurred for the maintenance of the meters.

Capacity, Distribution and Transmission

This charge is based on the fixed portion of our power contracts which are capacity, distribution and transmission.

Capacity: Capacity charges are based on the highest amount of energy you are estimated to use or consume during a month (or year in some locations). Essentially, you pay a fee to ensure that the electricity you might use is there for you when you need to use it, whenever you need to use it.

Distribution: Charges for the use of local wires, transformers, substation, and other equipment used to deliver electricity to end-use consumers from the high voltage transmission lines.

Transmission: Charges for moving high voltage electricity from a generation facility to the distribution lines of an electric distribution company. Based on federally regulated charges.

Energy Charge

The Energy Charge is based on the Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant’s average monthly cost of energy and may be increased or decreased and may be adjusted in accordance with the Standard Energy Charge.


A credit will be applied to the KWH usage of all residential customers. PASNY is an abbreviation of Power Authority of the State of New York. Customers currently receive a .005 credit per KWH for Hydro Electricity.

Power Cost Adjustment

The Power Cost Adjustment is a charge based on the changing costs of the fuel used to generate the electricity that you use. Some of your electricity is generated by burning coal or natural gas, and the cost of these fuels changes on a monthly basis so the PCA line item passes these costs on to you. The electric utility does not make any extra revenue on this item – it is a pass-through cost.

Total Current Charges

The amount due for this bill.

Prompt Payment Discount

The prompt payment discount is 10% of the sum of the Customer Charge and Residential Electric if the account is current and paid in full by the discount date.

Total Amount Due if Payment Received by Due Date

The total amount due and the date it must be received to take advantage of the prompt payment discount.

Total Amount Due if Payment Received After Due Date

The total amount due for this bill if payment received after the current prompt payment discount date.

Our Return Address

Where your payment should be sent to.

Account Number

Number used to identify this account.

Billing Date

The day the bill was issued.

Total Current Charges

The total amount due for this bill.

Discounted Amount Due

The total amount due if taking advantage of the prompt payment discount.

Amount Enclosed

The amount paid for this account.