Hingham Community Survey to Inform the Climate Action Plan

The Hingham Climate Action Planning Committee (CAPC) has released a survey to all Hingham residents to learn more about what the community wants to include in the Climate Action Plan (CAP) being developed. The CAPC is made up of leaders from the Town who have been designated as liaisons from other key municipal committees and/or Town appointments to develop and produce a CAP. The focus of the CAP effort is to develop a plan focused on 1) evaluating a wide range of carbon emission reduction strategies and 2) proposing measures to achieve a zero-sum of carbon emissions produced and taken out of the atmosphere (i.e., “net-zero” carbon emissions) by the year 2040 or another target date deemed feasible. The CAPC has recognized that public engagement and stakeholder interactions are critical to establishing buy-in and consensus for the plan. Effective engagement takes careful planning and acknowledgment. To that end, the survey that CAPC has developed in partnership with its Energyzt consultants is the first step toward understanding community priorities. Take the survey now to tell the committee how you feel on various matters relating to climate action. Whether you are passionate about a particular subject, interested in how climate change will affect you, or don’t know enough about any of this, the committee wants to hear your voice! The survey is live, be a part of the conversation: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HinghamCAPC.