Battery Storage & Demand Response Opportunities

Coming Soon: the Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant will offer a rebate to customers who install battery storage systems and participate in their demand response program. The development of this program is under consideration and will be available to customers at a later date. 

COMING SOON: Battery Storage & Demand Response Opportunities 

Click here to view HMLP’s Demand Management and Electrification Policy, established on June 1, 2022. 

HMLP is exploring potential opportunities to start a demand response program in Hingham, opening up incentives for battery storage and other technologies to customers who are interested in participating. HMLP does not have a timeline for when such a program may be put in place or what the contours of the program will look like. However, HMLP recognizes that it has a responsibility to the ratepayers of Hingham to prepare for future demand events and maintain affordable rates. The Demand Management and Electrification Policy that was established by the Hingham Municipal Light Board on June 1, 2022 outlines the critical need for HMLP to take an active role in smoothing the demand curve and transitioning Hingham off of fossil fuels. Please check back here to see if there are any program updates and how customers may be able to join HMLP in its mission to safely and reliably meet Hingham’s needs.