Hingham- The Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant has completed a review of its 2007 Residential rates compared to the privately-owned electric utilities that surround Hingham. The comparison against the rates of Massachusetts Electric, a National Grid company, Boston Edison and Commonwealth Electric, both NSTAR Electric companies, compares the average residential rates for the entire calendar year of 2007. Because the non-profit municipal utilities are locally owned and operated, and governed by local officials, they have continued to provide their customers with electricity the same way they always have, at the lowest possible cost with a high degree of reliability.

“The HMLP continues to try and keep the rates stable to our customers. We have not adjusted the rate since April, 2006 and continue to pursue all types of energy sources to meet the growing requirements of the Town. The Town’s energy use has increased 19.3 % over the past 4 years within the residential and commercial sectors. This has required HMLP to evaluate, review and acquire additional energy to meet these growing demands,” said John G. Tzimorangas, General Manager of the Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant. HMLP receives their electricity from long-term contracts with suppliers and from shorter-term arrangements, including daily market purchases, when necessary. “Massachusetts Electric Restructuring has changed the electric buying business, but municipal utilities can continue to operate in the same manner that has previously kept their rates stable and competitive”, said Tzimorangas.

The graph below shows monthly costs of each utility at the 500 kWh, 750 kWh, 1000 kWh usage levels for residential customers. The typical Hingham Light residential customer pays between 14% and 35% less than the neighboring investor-owned utilities. HMLP also offers a 10% prompt payment discount, which can further reduce the customer’s bill that is not available with the investor-owned utility customers. HMLP serves 10,000 residential and commercial electric customers in the Town of Hingham. HMLP continues to provide low cost, safe, reliable electricity to the residents of Hingham with a high level of service and customer satisfaction.