(Hingham, MA, June 30, 2006) Hingham Municipal Light Plant General Manager John G. Tzimorangas was elected to the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company Board of Directors at the company’s annual meeting.  Mr. Tzimorangas was elected by the membership to complete a one-year term on the Board.  The Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant is a member of MMWEC, whose main mission is to assist Massachusetts municipal electric companies with their power supply needs.

“Hingham has a tremendous stake in the successful operation of MMWEC as we continue to grow and require a diversified and cost competitive power supply for our customers.  Serving on the Board of MMWEC will allow me to help shape the future of the organization and strengthen its support of the municipal utilities in Massachusetts,” said Tzimorangas.

MMWEC recently hired a new General Manager and the Board of Directors has begun to pursue a new strategic direction for the company as well as strengthening the core business objectives.

MMWEC was created under Chapter 775 of the Massachusetts General Laws to provide members systems with a variety of power supply, financial and other services.  The Massachusetts municipals are in a unique position to build and own generation as they are not prohibited by the restructuring law in Massachusetts.  “This type of opportunity gives us an advantage and an ability to control our future power supply and not have to fully rely on contracts or the daily market.  The ability to be part of a generating plant and directing our future is a more solid position than just signing contracts,” remarked Tzimorangas while discussing future power supply.

Hingham Light currently owns a portion of a 350 megawatt generating plant that is operated by MMWEC.  MMWEC staff and members are currently exploring building a 240 MW plant, next to the existing Stony Brook plant in Ludlow, MA.

“The Massachusetts municipals need to take the lead and an active role in their future power supply or we will be at the mercy of the spot market or the available long term contracts for our supply.  Hingham Light is currently exploring several opportunities in this area and will be bringing those proposals forward in the near future,” Tzimorangas to the Hingham Light Board at a recent meeting.