Hingham- the Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant has hired Sertex Corp. of Rhode Island to construct a new electric underground duct bank as part of new infrastructure needed to meet the growing electrical demand in Town.  The construction will begin Monday, October 31 and continue until mid-November, and then start again in the early spring to its completion.  The route of the duct bank begins on Hobart St. turning onto French St., crossing High St onto Ward St. and ending around Old Ward St.  The length of the route is approximately 5,300 ft. and it will allow HMLP to provide power to a growing area of Hingham. There will be some construction delays during the project which involves setting manholes and installing conduits to allow HMLP to install electric wires underground.  HMLP has coordinated with the Hingham Police and the Department of Public Works on this project to minimize the traffic delays during the construction.