Dollar a Gallon Charging Incentive

Sign up to save with HMLP’s “Dollar a Gallon” EV Rewards Program, open to Hingham residents. Simply set your car to charge during the “off-peak” hours in the evenings, likely between 10 PM – 12 PM on weekdays, and complete the enrollment process. You then earn either a $5 (for Level 1 charging) or a $10 (for Level 2 charging) monthly credit on your HMLP electric bill. Combined with HMLP’s lower than MA average electric rates, this could be like paying just one dollar per gallon equivalent of electric driving mileage! Up to two credits (up to $20/month) may be applied per account. Go online to, fill out the contact form, and get signed up to start earning a monthly bill credit.

Once you’ve signed up, make sure you see the EV credit as a line item on the following month’s electric bill. If you do not, then reach out to as soon as possible to confirm your registration! HMLP will not provide retroactive credits. 

High-Speed Charger Installation Rebate

HMLP is also offering EV owners a rebate of $300 to help offset the cost of installing some or all components of a Wi-Fi capable Level 2 system for higher speed charging of an electric vehicle at your home if they first enroll in HMLP’s “Dollar a Gallon” EV rewards program described above. To claim your rebate, contact Hingham Drives Electric after enrolling in the “Dollar a Gallon” EV Rewards program and purchasing and installing your Level 2 charging equipment.

Hingham Drives Electric Program

All of HMLP’s EV incentives are run through the Hingham Drives Electric program. By going to, residents can learn about EV incentives, use the Buying Guide, request help for installing charging equipment, and more! 

Commercial Rebate Program 

Commercial customers in Hingham can get up to $6,000 total for a dual port charging station, up to $3,000 each for installation and equipment, or up to $1,500 each per port. Eligibility restrictions and guidelines apply. If interested, reach out to Hingham Drives Electric to learn more.