Heat Pump Program

HMLP’s Heat Pump Program offers rebates for qualifying equipment listed on the Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump List. As of July 1, 2022, HMLP will offer a rebate for the installation of air-source heat pumps (ASHPs) of $750 per ton of capacity installed up to $4,500 maximum for all customers. Capacity is determined by the system’s AHRI cooling capacity. Adders are available for weatherization and whole-home systems. HMLP will offer up to $500 as a weatherization adder when customers have completed any eligible* weatherization project(s) prior to installation of an ASHP. HMLP will offer $1,000 as a whole-home adder when residents attest that their new system will heat 100% of their building’s load. To be eligible for the rebate, the pre-approval form must be returned prior to installation! The appliance(s) must be installed at the account location and HMLP reserves the right to inspect the installation on premises. 

*Eligible weatherization projects must be at least $500 to receive the full adder amount and meet the requirements of HMLP’s weatherization program, including the completion of a home energy assessment. Qualified projects must be recommended in the home energy assessment. 

Installation & Rebate Process Overview 

HMLP has partnered with Abode Energy to make it easier for to install heat pumps in their home. See our step-by-step process to get started. Residents can schedule a no-cost consultation at any point, view a list of participating contractors, and access the latest information on heat pump incentives. Make sure that your contractor is aware of our rebate process, including the Pre-Approval and Install QA forms required for rebate eligibility. Once the heat pump is installed, please fill out this customer survey and help HMLP improve their rebate process. 

Additional Questions?

Contact Brianna Bennett, HMLP’s Sustainability Coordinator.

HMLP Partners with Abode Energy to Advance Air Source Heat Pump Adoption

Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant (HMLP) has launched a new program to build awareness of the benefits of air source heat pumps making it easier for residents to explore and install this efficient technology that provides both home heating and cooling. “Air source heat pumps provide Hingham residents an alternative to fossil fuel heat and allows them to take advantage of Hingham’s low electric rates while making their homes more comfortable and reducing their carbon foot print.” said Tom Morahan, General Manager of HMLP. Continue Reading >

Step-by-Step Process


– 1 –

What kind of fuel do you use to heat your building?

HMLP’s Program Information:

As of July 1, 2022, HMLP is offering $750 per ton up to $4,500 for customers who install an air-source heat pump in their homes. There is also a $500 adder for weatherization and a $1,000 adder for whole-home systems. Customers must meet HMLP’s installation requirements.

Mass Save Program Information:

Mass Save is offering $1,250 per ton for customers who install heat pumps, $10,000 for whole-home air-source heat pumps, and $15,000 for whole-home ground-source heat pumps. 0% financing and other incentives are available. Customers must meet Mass Save’s installation requirements.

– 2 –

Is your home sufficiently insulated? 

No-Cost ENE Energy Assessment

Your home is likely not as energy efficient as it can be, resulting in higher electricity and cooling costs. Energy New England’s (ENE) highly trained and experienced Residential Energy Advisors can assess your home’s energy efficiency to identify heating, lighting, and weatherization opportunities that can save money on your utility bills. Sign up now for a home energy assessment! 

HMLP’s Weatherization Program

Insulation and other weatherization measures can help a home retain the heat that it is paying to produce. By completing weatherization prior to installing a heat pump system, homeowners can reduce the size of the system needed and further reduce operating costs. The Hingham Light Plant will rebate qualified weatherization projects at 50% of the total project cost up to $1,000. 

– 3 –

Have you reviewed our pre-installation recommendations?

1. Schedule a No-Cost Consultation

Go to Abode Energy’s website to schedule a no-cost consultation. By connecting with Abode, you can learn about how heat pumps work, explore heat pump types for your home, review potential operating costs and incentives, consider weatherization opportunities to improve your home’s heating efficiency, and receive guidance on working with heat pump installers.

2. Identify Participating Contractors

It is important to work with contractors that are familiar with heat pumps and can provide you the system that your home needs. Please review the list of participating contractors provided by Abode Energy when selecting a contractor for your home. Using a contractor on this list is not required for rebate eligibility but a good starting point; work completed by any contractor is eligible for a rebate so long as the equipment qualifies and the contractor follows the pre-approval & install QA process.

3. Review Qualifying Equipment

NEEP’s Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pump List is an essential tool to review when determining what heat pump(s) will work best for your home. In New England, it is important to install heat pumps that can withstand cold weather and maintain high efficiency.

4. Complete the Pre-Approval Form - REQUIRED PRIOR TO INSTALL

Before installation, it is required that contractors fill out the Pre-Approval form. This form must be submitted before installation for the project to qualify for a rebate.

– 4 –

Have you completed the post-installation action items?

This QA submission should be completed by the installer on the job site. This form will require photos of all exterior and interior units. If you need support completing this form, please call Abode at 339-707-0918.

Once the installation is completed, submit a rebate application to HMLP! For more information please contact Energy New England, the HMLP’s Program Administrator, at rebates@ene.org or call 888-772-4242.

Fill out a short customer survey to help us better understand your experience accessing utility rebates and working with your heat pump installer. If you have any questions regarding this form, please email MLP@AbodeEM.com.