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Step-by-Step Process

Getting a heat pump can seem like a daunting task. For customers who decide to switch to heat pumps, we want to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. For guidance on how to complete a successful heat pump project, follow our step-by-step process laid out below. If you have any questions or want additional assistance getting started, contact our Sustainability Coordinator by filling out our contact form.

– 1 –

Determine whether you are eligible for the HMLP or Mass Save Program

Program eligibility is based on the primary type of heating fuel used in your home or business.

HMLP’s Program Information:

HMLP is offering $750 per ton up to $4,500 for customers who install an air-source heat pump in their homes. There is also up to a $500 adder for qualified weatherization and a $1,000 adder for whole-home systems. Customers must meet HMLP’s installation requirements.

Weatherization adder: Receive up to $500 for completing any eligible weatherization project(s) prior to installation of an ASHP. Qualified projects must meet the requirements of HMLP’s weatherization program.

Whole-home adder: Receive up to $1,000 as a whole-home adder when the system is sized to meet 100% of the building’s heating needs.

Mass Save Program Information:

Mass Save is offering $1,250 per ton for customers who install heat pumps, up to $10,000 for whole-home air-source heat pumps, and up to $15,000 for whole-home ground-source heat pumps. Additional incentives are available, including 0% financing through the HEAT loan program. Customers must meet Mass Save’s installation requirements.

Note: HMLP is not responsible for the management or administration of the Mass Save program. Resources have been shared based on publicly available information that is subject to change at any time. It is the consumer’s responsibility to verify any and all Mass Save program information with an official Mass Save representative.

– 2 –

Schedule a No-Cost Energy Assessment

A scheduled assessment date is required to be eligible for heat pump rebates and it can identify cost-saving opportunities.

No-Cost Energy Assessment

Your home or business is likely not as energy efficient as it can be, resulting in higher electricity and cooling costs. HMLP uses Energy New England’s (ENE) assessment services to provide customers with expert advice on energy efficiency improvements. ENE’s highly trained and experienced Energy Advisors can assess your building’s energy efficiency to identify heating, lighting, and weatherization opportunities that can save money on utility bills. 

Note: If natural gas is your primary heating fuel, sign up for a Mass Save energy assessment.

Optional: Complete Weatherization Project(s)

The energy assessment provides list of eligible improvements that can be made, such as insulation, to help retain the heat that your home or business is paying to produce. Completing weatherization prior to installing a heat pump can reduce the necessary system size and operating costs. Additional incentives are available for qualified projects.  

Note: If natural gas is the primary heating fuel, you are eligible for Mass Save weatherization rebates. 

– 3 –

Get Connected with Abode Energy & Find a Contractor

Schedule a no-cost consulation with Abode to learn about heat pumps, get technical assistance, find contractors, or compare quotes.

Get Started with a No-Cost Consultation

If you are considering heat pumps for your home or business, take advantage of Abode’s no-cost heat pump consultations. Abode’s Heat Pump Specialists can assist customers with:

● Understanding how heat pumps work
● Rebates & incentives offered by HMLP
● Guidance on the best solutions for your home
● Working with contractors
● Reviewing and comparing quotes

Participating Contractors

It is important to work with contractors that are familiar with heat pumps and can provide you the system that your home or business needs. Abode Energy provides a list of participating contractors to help customers. Using a contractor on this list is not required for rebate eligibility. Work completed by any contractor is eligible for a rebate so long as the equipment qualifies and the contractor follows Abode’s installation quality assurance process.

Note: If natural gas is the primary heating fuel for your home or business, please see Mass Save’s contractor list.

Qualifying Equipment

NEEP’s Cold Climate Air-Source Heat Pump List is an essential tool to review when determining what heat pump(s) will work best for your home or business. In New England, it is important to install heat pumps that can withstand cold weather and maintain high efficiency.

HMLP uses this list to determine rebate eligibility for equipment. Customers can use the list to ensure that the equipment being installed will meet expectations for the rebate and their building.

Note: If natural gas is the primary heating fuel for your home or business, please refer to Mass Save’s qualified equipment list.

No-Cost Consultation

Schedule a no-cost heat pump consultation with Abode to receive objective, impartial advice on heat pumps and how they may be a good fit for your home.

If you’ve already received quotes from installers, Abode can provide you with a quote comparison report evaluating up to three proposed systems, to help you make an educated decision on which proposed systems will perform efficiently and meet your project goals.

Note: If natural gas is the primary heating fuel for your home or business, please contact a Mass Save representative for technical assistance. 

Project Pre-Approval

Before installation, it is recommended that contractors fill out the optional Pre-Approval form. This form can be submitted before installation to ensure that a project meets all of the rebate requirements and efficiency expectations.

– 4 –

Complete the Installation & Return Two Required Forms

After installation, contractors must return the post-install quality assurance form and customers can fill out HMLP’s rebate application.

Contractors are required to submit Abode’s quality assurance form, usually completed on the job site. This form requires photos of all exterior and interior units. For support, please call Abode at 339-707-0918.

Once installation is completed, submit a rebate application to HMLP within the same calendar year! For assistance, please contact Energy New England, HMLP’s Program Administrator, at or call 888-772-4242.

Fill out a short, optional customer survey to help us better understand your heat pump installation and rebate experience. If you have any questions regarding this form, please email