Why Does HMLP Offer Rebates? 

HMLP offers rebates to comply with state regulations and promote the efficient use of electricity. How and when we use electricity impacts the costs that are borne by all ratepayers through elements such as HMLP’s capacity and transmission charges. For every one (1) MW reduction in capacity/transmission, HMLP can save approximately $214,000 per year. In addition, HMLP is required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to spend at least 0.25% of its annual revenue on residential conservation services (RCS) for ratepayers. Compliance with the RCS program is reported to the Department of Energy Resources (DOER). HMLP works with Energy New England (ENE) to satisfy these requirements and annually report its compliance.

HMLP is positioning itself and the ratepayers to effectively manage the deep impacts felt by the electrification of our buildings and vehicles as a result of climate action and community growth. The replacement of fossil fuels with electricity by HMLP customers will increase demand overall and change the time of day when electricity use is at its peak (the demand curve). Energy efficiency measures have allowed HMLP to maintain a steady load for decades and will continue to play a crucial role in HMLP’s operations. The number and kind of load changes expected in the future make it advisable for HMLP to take an active role in both planning for new behaviors and incentivizing behaviors that will assist in managing expected changes to the demand curve. Doing so will protect the reliability of HMLP’s service and help customers make this transition with the least cost and disruption.

All of HMLP’s rebate programs will satisfy one or all of the following requirements:

  • To smooth the demand curve over time;
  • To assist in meeting the higher demand expected over time;
  • To assist customers in the process of substituting electricity for fossil fuels, and lowering customers’ costs to do so; and
  • To ensure that all customers have access to electrification technologies and program incentives.

For more information, please read HMLP’s Demand Management and Electrification Policy.