Residents can save money and energy by participating in HMLP’s energy efficiency and rebate programs! The programs are available to both residential and commercial customers. Contact us if you have any questions.

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Home Energy Audit

Your home is likely not as energy efficient as it can be, resulting in higher electricity and cooling costs. Energy New England’s (ENE) highly trained and experienced Residential Energy Advisors can assess your home’s energy efficiency to identify heating, lighting, and weatherization opportunities that can save money on your utility bills. 

Energy Saving Tips

When you buy a car, you consider not only the price but how much gas the car will need. When you buy appliances, you should also consider how much energy it will take to run them.

Compare the yellow EnergyGuide labels for similar appliances before you buy. They show how much you will spend yearly to operate the appliances. And they rate the appliances numerically the higher the number, the more efficient the appliance and the less you pay in energy bills.

Remember, an energy-efficient model may cost more, but can pay you back in energy savings down the road. So, look for EnergyGuide labels. They help you make the most energy-efficient and economically sound decision.

Take Advantage of Our Energy Conservation Programs and Services

We offer a variety of energy services aimed at helping customers save money and be more comfortable by using energy wisely. Here’s what’s available:

Help with Energy Conservation is a Phone Call Away (1-888-772-4242)

Expanding our long-standing commitment to energy conservation and the community we serve; the Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant is once again offering residential conservation services to help you conserve energy and enhance your comfort level. These services are designed to help our customers become more enlightened users of our product, and to also identify means to attain greater energy savings.

If you have questions concerning energy conservation, or if you simply have a concern about a specific end-use, such as an appliance, or conservation measure, such as insulation, our Energy Advisor service can assist. Simply call 1-888-772-4242. The call is free, so we encourage you to take advantage of this professional resource. This service is available Monday thru Friday, during business hours, and you will be able to speak with a highly trained — and totally objective — Energy Conservation Representative.

A Representative will assist with your energy questions or concerns and will be happy to send you information on energy conservation as well as tips on how to save energy. If you would like to participate in an energy audit of your residence, the Representative will coordinate that service on your behalf, as well. If requested, a state-certified Energy Advisor will visit your home and compile a comprehensive energy evaluation report. The report will identify the measures you could take to enhance the energy efficiency of your residence and, potentially, ways to reduce your energy costs.

If you would like more information on our energy conservation initiatives, please call the Energy Hotline at: 1-888-772-4242.

Hingham Action Groups & Committees


Hingham Net Zero

In May 2021, the residents of Hingham voted at Town Meeting to develop a climate action plan. Hingham Net Zero are residents of Hingham, MA coming together to:

  • raise awareness of the need for aggressive climate action;
  • support the Town’s efforts to cut emissions; and
  • work to reduce carbon emissions across our town as quickly as possible.

HNZ hopes to achieve these goals through advocacy and education. There are a number of working groups that residents can get involved with and HNZ is always looking for volunteers to help. If you think someone should do something about climate change, that someone could be YOU! Learn more about Hingham Net Zero and how you can be a part of a carbon-free future.

Hingham Climate Action Planning Committee

A Climate Action Plan (CAP) is a means to combat changes in the environment threatened by the continued release of carbon and other climate-changing gases. Many cities and towns throughout Massachusetts and indeed much of the world have completed, are currently undertaking, or are beginning the process of planning how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to lessen the effects of climate change. Throughout 2020 and 2021, Town Administration, the Selectboard, the Energy Action Committee, and concerned citizens groups have deliberated on the need for Hingham to engage in a climate action planning process. In recognition of this effort and in acknowledging the need, the Town voted at Town Meeting April 2021 to create a Climate Action Planning Committee (CAPC).

Mission: At Town Meeting April 2021, the Town voted to establish the CAPC to fulfill two charges:

  • Evaluate a wide range of carbon emission reduction strategies, and
  • Propose measures to achieve a zero-sum of carbon emissions produced and taken out of the atmosphere (i.e., “net-zero” carbon emissions) by the year 2040 or another target date deemed feasible.

Hingham Energy Action Committee

The Energy Action Committee, the successor to the Energy Policy Committee, identifies, promotes, and helps implement energy savings opportunities for municipal and community-wide operations and residences, and raises energy awareness on issues of concern to Town residents. The EAC’s mission is to serve the residents and commercial enterprises of the Town of Hingham by helping to establish energy policies and measures that will promote the efficient use of energy and reduce adverse environmental impact, and by taking measures to increase awareness of energy issues.

Any individuals interested in serving on the committee or offering expertise on energy-related matters are encouraged to contact the Energy Action Committee.

More Information

For more information about HMLP’s efficiency programs, please contact Brianna Bennett, Sustainability Coordinator, using the form below.

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